Sudsy Pups

                   Dog Grooming

Vaccination Records: We do require that all dogs are up to date with their rabies vaccinations. We will accept a record or receipt from your veterinarian at the time of your first visit. 

Walking the Dog: Please walk your pet before it's appointment. This will lessen the stress your pet feels during grooming.

Your appointment time: If you find yourself running late for an appointment please call. We respect your time, please respect ours.  

No shows: When you don't show up for an appointment you deny other clients the opportunity to be seen. Please call 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment or need to reschedule. 

Not happy?: Please call us within 48 hours of your appointment and we will do our best to correct any issues you may have.

Dog in heat?: We ask you to schedule your dog's appointment for a few weeks in the future. This can be quite a distraction for any male dogs in the shop.

Picking up: Please pick your dog up within 30 minutes after we call to let you know they are ready. 

Thank you in advance for trusting us with your pet.